Aluminum Water Bottles Not BPA-Free


The trend in reusable water bottles shifted from plastic polycarbonate to aluminum bottles after biphenol A (BPA) was discovered to negatively affect thyroid function, promote neurological issues, and interfere with reproductive health.

Yet recent findings report that even aluminum water bottles may contain BPA, and some aluminum bottles leach up to five times more BPA than plastic bottles. Only it’s not the aluminum that causes BPA to leach into the bottle’s contents, but the spray-on liner that coats the inside of the bottle. It may contain epoxy, a resin consisting of BPA.

The term BPA-free is not regulated by the government, therefore any manufacturer can label their product as BPA-free, but may not actually comply with the statement. However, according to tests done on bottles stating to be BPA-free, manufacturers are largely truthful in their claims.

Since there is no way to tell whether an aluminum bottle is BPA-free by touching or looking at the inside, your best bet as a consumer is to do some basic research and buy from a company you trust.