The Sport of Exercise

Let your competitive spirit soar this summer!
By Cara Lucas

It happens every four years. We sit on the edge of our seats, bite our nails, and yell at the television screen as we cheer on our country’s favorite athletic teams. Whether it’s table tennis, swimming, gymnastics, basketball, or soccer, the Olympics ignite a competitive spirit that bonds people together all over the nation—whether you consider yourself a sports junkie or not.

And, with the 2012 Olympics underway in London this summer, you might even be inspired to join a local team just for fun. Nothing beats the heightened sense of camaraderie you gain from contributing to a team. Plus, it’s a fun way to add some physical activity into your routine.

Not a sports fan? Try something a little different. There is a growing subculture of amateur sports enthusiasts that have a knack for either reviving old sports or creating new ones. From kickball leagues to underwater hockey, competitive to laid-back, there is a sport for everyone this summer!

And don’t think for a second that exercising isn’t a sport. Pushing yourself and testing your limits is by far one of the most satisfying sports there is, with results that are intangible. From trying to break a personal record in a 5k run to meeting a weight-loss goal of ten pounds—competing with your inner self can be very therapeutic. Check out what our readers had to share about summer sports:

>>38% of readers participate in summer sports

>>3 out of 5 athletes prefer individual sports compared to team sports

>>An overwhelming majority of readers (90%) do not play sports in an organized league

>>3 out of 4 of our summer sports junkies are women

>>Top 3 sports readers participate in:  

            1. Running/Walking

            2. Swimming/Watersports

            3. Biking

>>62% of our readers spend less than $10 per month on sporting activities

>>Top 3 reasons for playing sports:

            1. Maintain Good Health

            2. Increase Fitness Level

            3. Camaraderie