Health Tips: Why to Seek a Personal Trainer

Make an investment in your own health.
By Glenn Dickstein

Exercise and nutrition are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and are principles worth adopting at any age. However, starting the journey toward better health is never easy. As someone who understands these limits, and as someone who also counsels people about the importance of being fit, I recognize these challenges. To have a personal trainer at your side is often the critical variable in achieving your goals.

And yet, there is a misperception that a trainer is a luxury for the elite—this is not true! In fact, a trainer is an investment in your own health.

This partnership, which may further blossom into a friendship, is quicker, safer (thanks to the guidance a trainer provides) and, when viewed within the right context, a more affordable path to fitness than the do-it-alone approach favored by some. The challenge rests with educating the public about the idea of exercise as a stake people claim for themselves: that working with a trainer—just like retaining the services of a physician, nutritionist, or physical therapist—is a way to offset the dangers of reducing personal fitness to a low-priority activity.

Think of all the money that people spend on gym memberships they don’t use. A personal trainer acts as a motivating force to exercise—essentially people with personal trainers get more for their dollar than those who forget about or choose not to use the gym membership they pay for.

The money wasted in this regard can go directly to partnering with trainers who can make a positive difference. Even a month’s worth of training sessions, under the right supervision and complemented by a realistic diet and exercise plan, can yield noticeable results. Compare this strategy with the alternative: preservation of the status quo, where excuses and inaction lead to poor health, lack of energy, and an overall state of malaise.

The Internet makes finding the right trainer or wellness professional easy. By searching for these contacts within your own neighborhood, aided by sites that pinpoint a trainer’s location and areas of expertise, people can begin the path to fitness with a simple mouse click. Gone are the days spent searching, often unsuccessfully, for a trainer or nutritionist; the Internet now unites us all by shared interests and a common devotion to feeling good about ourselves.

As we think of trainers as an investment in our health, we will move closer to the most important goal—improved fitness. That journey requires discipline, knowledge, and trust. With the right information, backed by an understanding of the many advantages a trainer offers, we can begin this process with confidence and success.

Glenn Dickstein is the founder and CEO of Neighborhood Trainers and a certified personal trainer. Learn more at