Health News: Top Ten Toxic Chemicals Suspected to Cause Autism and Learning Disabilities

Researchers at Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center have found the top ten toxic chemicals that are suspected to cause autism and learning disabilities in infants and children. The chemicals are:

1. Lead

2. Methymercury

3. PCBs

4. Organophosphate pesticides

5. Organochlorine pesticides

6. Endocrine disruptors

7. Automotive exhaust

8. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

9. Brominated flame retardants

10. Perfluorinated compounds

“A large number of the chemicals in widest use have not undergone even minimal assessment of potential toxicity and this is of great concern,” says Phillip Landrigan, MD, MSc. “Knowledge of environmental causes of neurodevelopmental disorders is critically important because they are potentially preventable.”