Health News: Antioxidant-rich Watercress Shows Sports Nutrition Potential

A recent study conduced at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland and the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland suggests that eight weeks of supplementation with watercress reduces markers of oxidative stress and damage after exhaustive exercise.

Healthy men who consumed the green leafy vegetables had less DNA damage and lower indicators of oxidative stress due to the high antioxidant content within watercress.

While the body naturally produces reactive oxygen species (ROS), overproduction from smoking, pollution, sunlight, and high intensity exercise leads to oxidative stress.

The study participants were given 85 grams of watercress for daily consumption for eight weeks. Later, the same participants endured another eight-week study with no watercress consumption. The results show that the no-watercress period led to more DNA damage and increased lipid peroxidation.