• Nature’s Anti-Metastasis Agent

    For such a small gland, the prostate sure gets a lot of attention, as well it should. When it is working well, the prostate gland goes unnoticed. When it acts up, however, it leads to a whole host of problems ranging from the relatively benign (but very annoying) urinary tract dysfunctions up to the second-leading cause of death among American men—prostate cancer.

    Modified Citrus Pectin Prevents Spread of Cancer
    By George L. Redmon, PhD, ND
  • Testosterone, aka The Fountain of Youth

    Let’s do a quick mental exercise. Imagine a young man in tip-top health. Physically, emotionally, and mentally he is at his best. He could be out playing sports, at work, or reading a book. What characteristics does this man have?

    Testosterone Supplementation Helps Restore Vitality
    By Adam Swenson
  • Your Emotional Type

    It is well-recognized that many medical treatments—whether conventional or alternative—don’t work equally well for everyone. One person may respond better to a given drug than someone else taking the identical medication.

    The advent of personalized alternative medicine
    By Marc S. Micozzi with Michael Jawer
  • The Acid-Alkaline Diet

    You had low-fat yogurt, mango, and a cup of black tea with honey for breakfast. Lunch was a turkey-breast sandwich, and you snacked on grapes and organic peanuts. You’re trying to eat healthy, so why don’t you feel healthy? Why are you fatigued, sick, or unable to lose those last ten pounds?

    Balancing your body’s pH for better health
    By Lisa Turner
  • Goat Milk for Grownups

    In the previous issue, I was given the opportunity to share information about the advantages of using goat milk as an alternative to the standard cow/soy-based infant formulas. A significant portion of that article was dedicated to describing the primary drawbacks of feeding these two ingredients to our children.

    Health Benefits From a Superior Milk
    By Joe Stout, MS
  • Beating Libido Limbo

    If you experience diminished sexual energy at some time in your life, you’re not alone. Many women who are perfectly capable of sexual fulfillment find their potential held back by low sexual energy, or common symptoms that interfere with their ability to become fully aroused. Female baby boomers in particular report low sexual desire in numerous health surveys.

    The best natural secrets for enhancing your sexuality
    By Laurie Steelsmith, ND, LAc, and Alex Steelsmith
  • Condition Spotlight: Combat UTIs Naturally

    Current data estimates that over 450,000 women in the United States suffer from urinary-tract infections (UTIs). In the US alone, over seven million doctor’s office visits are made per year as a result of UTIs. Despite the name of this disorder (urinary-tract infection), problems can occur anywhere within the urinary system.

    Four remedies to keep you UTI-free
    By George L Redmon PhD, ND
  • Delta Psychology

    The core idea behind Delta Psychology is when our emotions harmonize (or at least calm where you can experience them with awareness), they can liberate vital energy that will support our healing forces. I’m not claiming that simply feeling and integrating our emotions in a more serene manner is enough to cure an illness.

    Get rid of resentment and guilt in your life.
    By Yann Rougier MD
  • 5 Herbs for Comfort and Wellness

    For many of us, getting comfortable is often the subject of daydreams or relegated to weekends or vacations. Common signs of discomfort, such as stiffness, insomnia, depression, chronic pains, and early signs of aging, are ways our bodies communicate the need for action to support our health and wellness.

    Are you comfortable? If not, your body may be trying to tell you something.
    By Letha Hadady, DAc
  • Brain Health and the Science of Spirituality

    There’s a lot of information out there on brain health these days. Most of it is very helpful if you want to improve core brain functions such as memory or even relieve some psychiatric symptoms. Yet, spirituality leads to higher states of experience and maturity, also referred to as psychospirituality.

    Attaining your highest-possible level of brain health requires an approach that includes psychospiritual development, which in turn, will open up new levels of awareness and vitality.
    By Jeff Skolnick, MD, PhD