• Risk & Reward

    Every 20 seconds, your blood completes a cycle through more than 60,000 miles of blood vessels (arteries, veins, and capillaries), circulating through every tissue and organ in your body. At the center of this vital process beats the powerhouse that is your heart.

    Win the battle with heart disease by knowing your risks and taking responsibility for your condition.
    By Larry Trivieri JR.
  • The Ultimate Lifestyle Disease: Part 1

    Reviewing the list of risk factors for heart disease, diabetes (especially type 2, as it affects significantly more individuals) is mentioned prominently in literature presented on the American Heart Association’s (AHA) website. Shortly thereafter, readers are urged to change their lifestyle to reduce their risk of heart disease.

    New evidence gives hope, exposes limitations of conventional treatment of type 2 diabetes.
    By Craig Gustafson
  • Supplements Under Attack

    As I went to access the July 5, 2011, Journal of the American Medical Association anti-supplement editorial online, I had to first wait for the drug advertisement to time out. Perhaps there is a message here…

    Yet another inflammatory anti-supplement editorial from conventional medicine—why
    By Joseph Pizzorno
  • Walk Your Way To Improved Health

    It’s an epidemic, and the media is calling it “Sedentary Death Syndrome.” There is an obvious solution to the condition, according to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and other federal and non-governmental agencies; the prescription is physical activity.

    A few steps a day can result in significant advances in overall health.
    By Cara Lucas
  • Open Your Heart

    Iyengar Yoga was founded by B. K. S. Iyengar of India and focuses on body alignment and is known for its use of props to accommodate students of all abilities, promote deeper understanding of poses and allow for longer holds in poses for restorative work.

    Try these Yoga poses to help your circulation and support your heart health.