• Curing Type 2 Diabetes With Food

    Is the concept of curing type 2 diabetes through diet really such a strange notion? After all, diet was one of the key contributors that got you into this situation in the first place. Conventional wisdom seems to disagree, however.

    Break down the barriers that prevent you from reclaiming your health and your life.
    Craig Gustafson
  • Kitchen Herbs That Heal

    There’s nothing like cultivating your own culinary herbs to make you feel like a great cook. Maybe it’s the pride associated with growing your own ingredients or the way fresh herbs give recipes such a clean punch of flavor.

    Your herb drawer is a genuine apothecary. Here's why.
    Cheryl Meyers
  • Hope for Strawberries and Huperzine A

    Strawberry Beverage Reduces Post-Meal Inflammation
    According to researchers at Illinois Institute of Technology and University of California-Davis, a beverage that included nutritional compounds derived from strawberries was successful in reducing markers of postprandial (post-meal) inflammation and insulin response.

  • Common Food-Borne Pathogens

    Norwalk-like viruses, or Calicivirus
    What is it? There are many Norwalk-like viruses, including the Norovirus, known as the flu. According to the CDC, over half of all foodborn  illnesses in the US are caused by the Norovirus.

  • Food Sourcing

    Aside from the few individuals who enthusiastically praise and adhere to the locally produced food movement, most consumers don’t think about where their food comes from.

    Do you know where your food has been?
    By Brooke Holmgren
  • Picnic Safety: How To Avoid Food-Borne Illness

    Summer is a time for good food enjoyed outdoors with friends and family, especially on picnics. However, cases of food-borne illness peak in summertime, and a multitude of reasons contribute. Weather provides two of the primary conditions for the spike in summer food poisoning. First of all, the warmer weather encourages rapid bacterial growth.

    A little planning and a few simple procedures can ensure that your summer fun doesn’t end in distress.
    By Brooke Holmgren
  • Risk & Reward

    Every 20 seconds, your blood completes a cycle through more than 60,000 miles of blood vessels (arteries, veins, and capillaries), circulating through every tissue and organ in your body. At the center of this vital process beats the powerhouse that is your heart.

    Win the battle with heart disease by knowing your risks and taking responsibility for your condition.
    By Larry Trivieri JR.
  • The Ultimate Lifestyle Disease: Part 1

    Reviewing the list of risk factors for heart disease, diabetes (especially type 2, as it affects significantly more individuals) is mentioned prominently in literature presented on the American Heart Association’s (AHA) website. Shortly thereafter, readers are urged to change their lifestyle to reduce their risk of heart disease.

    New evidence gives hope, exposes limitations of conventional treatment of type 2 diabetes.
    By Craig Gustafson
  • Walk Your Way To Improved Health

    It’s an epidemic, and the media is calling it “Sedentary Death Syndrome.” There is an obvious solution to the condition, according to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and other federal and non-governmental agencies; the prescription is physical activity.

    A few steps a day can result in significant advances in overall health.
    By Cara Lucas
  • Supplements Under Attack

    As I went to access the July 5, 2011, Journal of the American Medical Association anti-supplement editorial online, I had to first wait for the drug advertisement to time out. Perhaps there is a message here…

    Yet another inflammatory anti-supplement editorial from conventional medicine—why
    By Joseph Pizzorno