Tapping into the Subtle Human Energy Field

Attaining whole health and preventing disease
By Mark Mincolla, PhD

We all seem to take energy for granted—except, maybe, for those moments spent filling our gas tanks or paying our heating/cooling bills. When it comes to our bodies, however, the only time we may notice our energy level is when it is not up to par.

“I just don’t seem to have any energy today,” or “I just can’t climb stairs like I used to.” Do either of these statements feel familiar to you? Energy is a part of our daily reality, but have you ever thought about the way energy impacts our bodies aside from the mechanical manipulation of legs, fingers, and eyelids?

Nearly 100 years ago, Albert Einstein was awarded a Nobel Prize for revealing that energy and matter are interconvertible and transferrable. Einstein awakened the world to the fact that energy creates matter, and that everything—people, pets, plants, foods, and even thought—is created by, and generates, energy. Nonetheless, nearly a century has passed, and we Westerners continue to struggle with the concept of an energy-based reality.

Truth be told, Newtonian logic and mechanistic chemistry have never been, nor will they ever be, adequate for understanding the phenomena of energy; in fact, this outdated logic has become a barrier. You might say that we’ve been living half a life for generations. Our insistence on embracing a mythical reality anchored to a material bias has restricted us and limited our ability to attain quantum possibilities. Imagine the state of medicine and healing in a world where energy was sufficiently understood and corresponding applications were developed. How much more effective might our approach to medicine be with more efficient systems of disease prevention? And how much more efficient might our systems of disease prevention be, were we able to tune-in to and interface with the subtle human energy field?


Everything within us and everywhere around us is a vibrating sea of energy that generates fields—and fields create the appearance of form. From subatomic particles to atoms, molecules, DNA, cells, tissues, organs, organisms, planets, galaxies, the universe, the multiverse, and the cosmos—everything is energy.

Everything in our world is made up of unseen energy that gives the appearance of matter. Objects that appear solid, such as animals, plants, trees, droplets of rain, and stars, are all composed of energy. Matter describes the physical appearance of all things, whereas energy represents their flowing action. I like to think of water as a metaphor for energy and ice as a metaphor for the appearance of matter. Reality, as modern Westerners have come to know it, has always been centered on the “ice cubes,” but we are beginning to take note of the “water” that makes the cubes of life to appear to be solid.

Everything that “appears” as matter is, in fact, comprised of 99.999 percent energy and only 0.001 percent matter. In addition, energy is in the constant state of flux. Humans have been systematically coaxed into the notions that we live a material existence, and that change is an incongruity. I challenge you to consider that everything that appears to be material to us is actually changing continuously and rapidly at the atomic level.

Take, for example, your physical organs. The atoms that appear as your stomach lining are completely replaced every five days. The atoms that appear as your skin are completely replaced every four weeks. The atoms that appear as your liver are completely replaced every six weeks. The atoms that appear as your entire physical body are replaced once a year. Everything is energy, and energy is in a continuous state of flux. Our ailing healing systems are being challenged to keep up with the ever-changing energies of our thoughts, emotions, spirits and physical forms.

While physicians may doctor cells, they must reach much deeper into the human experience to invoke lasting healing. The human body is composed of more than material cells, generating an ambient biofield of 0.025 volts of direct current per centimeter at 10 hertz. Beyond EEGs, EKGs and MRIs, the limitless possibilities and potentials of the human biofield are all but ignored by the present medical orthodoxy. We continue to live and heal in a world of material illusion.

Throughout 30 years of practice, I have developed an integrated healing system that I call whole health. This system represents a radical change in health care consciousness—a departure from the material toward an extrasensory and energy-based approach to healthcare. It draws from the example of ancient Chinese energy techniques blended with cutting-edge nutritional science. Whole health challenges the illusions of material reality, especially with regard to the world of medicine. It recognizes that all disease takes root at the energetic level, and that by learning to identify the energetic deficiencies and excesses that cause pain and sickness, one can enter a more vibrant state of being.


The emphasis on a bioenergetics nutritional approach, as such, is that “one size does not fit all.” The “food is medicine” nutritional path taken by the whole health system is sensitively attuned to each person’s specific needs. At the energetic level we each possess a unique signature, not unlike DNA.

Electromagnetic Muscle Testing system (EMT) provides a diagnostic energy protocol to clearly identify organ weaknesses as well as food intolerances. This is a biofeedback system that tunes into automatic responses from the nerves and muscles, responsive to any and all stimuli. It’s based on the fact that we are all neuromuscularly hardwired for defense. By merely calling out specific words or bringing images to mind, we engage consistently reliable, biological nerve and muscle responses at the subtlest levels.

Take dream states, for example. If you were to have a dream that you were falling off a cliff, you’d likely awaken with an elevated heart rate, perspiration, and elevated blood pressure, even though it was all in your mind. Whatever is in our mind is also in our body. At the energetic level, the body and mind produce a shared biofield. Moreover, neuroplasticity research has clearly demonstrated that all words and mental images produce matching neurological chemistries. Positive words and images result in strong neuromuscular biofeedback. Negative words result in quantifiably weak responses. The EMT system draws in part from these wisdoms of neuroplasticity. In addition, there is an innate sixth sensory component to all this biofeedback that whole health underscores. How do our nerves and muscles know when and why to respond positively or negatively to words, images, and foods?

Intelligence is twofold. There is learned intelligence and innate intelligence. While neuroplasticity research has clearly made remarkable contributions to the map of our biofeedback pathways, there is clearly something more at work here than mere science can grasp. There is a “ghost within the machine.” Deep within our cellular mechanisms flows a life force energy that animates an interminable spirit of wisdom. In essence, we are all given divine access to higher levels of awareness within ourselves. It is time modern medicine took notice.


Mark Mincolla, PhD, is a natural health care practitioner who has integrated ancient Chinese energy techniques with cutting-edge nutritional science in his innovative Electromagnetic Muscle Testing system (EMT). Mincolla maintains a personal practice in Cohasset, Massachusetts, where he lives. He is the author of Whole Health: A Holistic Approach to Healing for the 21st Century. Visit him online at MarkMincolla.com.