Supplement Trend Watch

Look better/feel better supplements that deliver
By Lisa Lynn, PT, FT

General nutrition isn’t giving most of us what our bodies need. Supple­ments give us more control over dosage so we know we’re getting the necessary amount of the active ingredients, plus in many cases our bodies absorb the nutrients in supplements better than in food. What’s important is knowing your own body, so that you can choose the right ones.

After reviewing the research, here are my picks for the supplements and ingre­dients we’ll be seeing a lot of this year:


This is a rising star! When parents or kids get stressed, it’s not always easy to stop and hit the yoga mat. You can take this morning, noon, and night for stress, plus it de­livers the mental clarity most of us hope to gain by our third (or fourth) cup of coffee without giving us the jitters. I like to keep the chewables in my purse for on-the-go stress relief.

Ocean Blue omega-3 fatty acids:

There’s a lot of us taking omega-3s now for our hearts, brains, skin, and hair, but 2014 will be the year we got smarter about reading the labels. It shocks me that people don’t under­stand it’s not about taking huge smelly fish oil capsules. If we’re going to get the benefits, we need a combined minimum of 500 mg of EPA and DHA, which can be found in pharmaceuti­cal grade Ocean Blue but not in many other fish oils, including krill oil. Ocean Blue is not just super concentrated,  it’s also distilled and vanilla  flavored, so we don’t have  to put up with fishy burps.

NEM (Natural Eggshell Membrane):

These are joint health nutrients deliv­ered in nature’s perfect package! NEM is catching on because we all know that if your joints are bothering you, you won’t get the exercise you need to keep healthy. NEM is safe, natural, gentle on the stomach, and does not contain con­taminants. Plus you start feeling better in a matter of days by taking just one small capsule daily.

Sambucol black elderberry:

Black elderberry is a superfruit you can take year-round for immune support. This is on my 2014 list because it’s a great multitasker. It’s so easy and fascinatingly effective. Add the syrup to sparkling water for a great-tasting kiddie cocktail. Kids will take it without a fight! Once you have symptoms, shift over to the cold and flu quick-dissolve tablets. I carry those in my purse, just in case the person next to me in line or on an airplane starts coughing and hacking.

BioCell Collagen:

Here’s another ingredient with multiple benefits. It helps your joints feel better and reduces fine lines so your skin starts to look younger. This is something that is easily absorbed by your body. It’s great for young adults who want to stay active and prevent sports-related injuries, and for older adults who are anxious to soften some of the unwanted signs and effects of aging.

Malaysian palm fruit oil:

What we know about dietary fats has changed radically. In 2014, we’re going to start expecting more from the oils we use in our cooking. Un­like olive oil—which breaks down and loses its nutrients at high temperatures—Malaysian palm oil stands up to high-heat cooking. It’s loaded with beta-carotenes and one of the new “wonder nutri­ents” called vitamin E tocotrienols, which are beneficial to the skin, heart, and many other organs.


Fiber supplementation is no longer just about dealing with constipation. You can take Sunfiber daily and it is truly regulating, whether you are too loose or too firm. It’s also a prebiotic. I love this because most of us are busy, and we can’t be consistent with our diets. Here’s a way to keep common digestive issues from happening.


Lisa Lynn, PT, FT, is a go-to nutrition and fitness expert for everyone from Doctor Oz to Martha Stewart. You can visit her online at