Health Tips: Winter Hibernation, Winter Fat

The days are getting shorter and it’s colder outside—we feel your pain. But this is no time to ease up on exertion: Our bodies are hardwired to pack on winter fat, as it’s been a boon to our survival for millennia. ATPTL, a chemical that tells the body to store fat, is boosted in the winter months. The good news? The fat-burning muscle enzyme SMLPL is increased by exercise, thus counteracting your body’s natural tendency to add padding. So, whether it’s walking or snowshoeing, get in half an hour of exercise each day.

140 calories burned in a 30-minute walk

223 calories burned in 30 minutes of vigorous exercise

254 calories burned in 30 minutes of biking 10-12 mph

222 calories burned in 30 minutes of lap swimming, moderate effort