Health Tips: Retirement

Retirement has been linked to a 40-percent increase in risk for depression, and a 60-percent increase in risk for taking a medication for a diagnosed physical condition. This isn’t to suggest that retirement is bad, just that you can only sip so much iced tea and play so many rounds of golf before a sense of angst and aimlessness sets in.

Lisa Berkman, a professor of public policy at Harvard, says social isolation and inactivity are two of the biggest challenges for the elderly. Perhaps we should heed the advice of Walter Breuning, the world’s fourth oldest man, who died in 2011 at the ripe old age of 114. He said the key to staying healthy was to keep your mind and body busy, and he certainly followed his own advice : He didn’t retire until the age of 99 and did daily calisthenics almost to the end.