Health News: Why You Should Eat Clay

Toxins may be all around us, but they don’t have to be in us—or not for long, at any rate. Bentonite, a natural volcanic clay mineral, has shown an ability to bind and remove pesticides, herbicides, pathogenic viruses, and other toxins from the body, helping keep it free of unwanted pollutants. Products like Yerba Prima’s Great Plains Bentonite use adsorption, which binds molecules or particles to a surface and gets the pollutants to pass through the digestive tract. Dietary fiber products like psyllium husks are commonly used to create regularity in the intestinal tract, but the beauty of bentonite clay is that it also enhances the body’s detoxification process. Bentonite can be used independently or in conjunction with psyllium. In just a quart bottle of Great Plains Bentonite there is over 11 football fields worth of toxin-absorbing surface area.