Fitness Focused

The most physically fit young adults grow into the most mentally fit middle-aged adults, according to new research by the University of Minnesota. The study followed a wide sample of participants for 20 years and discovered that those who performed best on the fitness test in their younger years did better on cognitive tests years later. Although the research supports the idea that it’s important to develop fitness habits early, it’s never too late to start! No matter your age, here’s what you can do now to preserve brain function.

Help your heart. Choose heart-healthy foods and monitor your blood pressure; people with better heart health tend to maintain better thinking skills as they age.

Push yourself. Even a few extra minutes on the treadmill can translate into a happier brain.

Engage in life. Balance personal, family, and work time, and choose to get involved rather than sit on the sidelines.

Source: David Jacobs, University of Minnesota