All About: Ginger Tea

WHAT IT IS: Ginger is an underground root-like stem of the ginger (Zingiber officinale) plant. It has a pungent, spicy aroma and is commonly used in cooking, baking, and herbal remedies.

WHAT IT DOES: Originally popular in European and Asian countries, ginger use has spread across the globe. Ginger can be used to alleviate allergies, ease cramps and muscle aches, stimulate circulation, reduce motion sickness, reduce fever, treat bowel disorders, and cleanse the colon. For menopausal women, ginger can help manage hot flashes. For pregnant women, ginger can help reduce nausea and vomiting.

HOW MUCH TO USE: Use three thin slices of raw ginger for every 1 cup of boiling water. The more you let the ginger boil in the water, the stronger your tea will taste. Honey, orange, or lemon can boost the flavor.

THE SIDE EFFECTS: Heartburn, stomach discomfort, and extra menstrual bleeding.

FINAL NOTE: Some sources link ginger to relief of arthritis-related problems and UTI treatment because of the root’s anti-inflammatory compounds.

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