5 Ways the Brain Affects Sex

It takes more than functional sex organs, appropriate hormone levels, and the ability to become sexually aroused to guarantee good sex. Below are five areas where your mind can play tricks on you when it comes to getting in the mood.

Relationship issues: Tension and emotional distance can undermine a couple’s sex life. Conflicts like finances or child-raising issues can be at the root of a sexual problem.

Performance anxiety: Worrying about your performance can make sex less than great, and it gets more common in your 50s and beyond.

Body image: The effects of gravity, childbirth, a poor diet, and/or weight gain can leave a person feeling less than sexy.

Expectations and past experiences: The natural sex drive is influenced by family, culture, religious beliefs, and the media. For some this is a help, for others a complication.

Stress and lifestyle changes: Stress and fatigue can quickly sap your sex drive. An overload of competing demands may keep you and your partner from nurturing your relationship—sexual and otherwise.

Great sex is possible, but it requires working at it. See if any of these might be hindering your sex life, and take steps to address the issue. —Source: Harvard Healthbeat