Healing Houseplants

By Nicole Duncan

Sprucing up your home or office with a touch of Mother Nature can do more than just brighten the space. These three plants can also do wonders for your body and mind, says Shelley Torgrove, certified clinical herbalist in Denver:

Rosemary ... for mental clarity and memory
Traditional cultures wove this herb into bridal garlands because they thought it helped anchor pleasant memories. In fact, recent studies have shown that working in rosemary-scented environments helps improve long-term memory. Add this plant to a home office or reading space.

Lavender ... to calm and relax
For centuries, lavender’s soothing, sedative scent has relieved ailments such as headaches and insomnia. Place a few sprigs in a vase on your bedside table to help you relax as you drift off

Aloe ... to soothe skin
For centuries, women in Latin America have placed this herb, which they’ve dubbed the Plant Protectress, by the entrance to their homes to ward off negative energy. Since research has also proven aloe’s efficacy in healing burns, cuts, and other skin lacerations, keep a plant in the kitchen for easy access.