Breathe Easier

By James Keough

I’m a poster child for sinus distress. Headaches, infections, unbearable pressure—you name it, I’ve had it. So when someone suggested I try putting liquid garlic up my nose, I thought, Well, why not? Not only did it work, it wasn’t the least bit unpleasant—just a slight garlic aftertaste and smell.

Here’s what you do for the kind I tried, Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract (

Sit down with your head back.

Place three drops of liquid garlic in each nostril. (You might need someone’s help here—it’s hard to count the drops when you can’t see or feel them, and if you overdo it the aftertaste is stronger.)

Keep your head back, and wait three minutes before standing up.

Pinch your nostrils together, stand up, and force air out your mouth four times, as though blowing out candles on a cake.

You can feel your sinuses open and the pressure dissipate. Pretty stinkin’ good if you ask me!