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    Seven Colors of Conscious Creation

    In his final post, Part V of a five-part series on the relationship between colors and creation, Dr. Kai explains how to become one with universal consciousness and how to overcome the constraints of the human mind.

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    HEAL Yourself With This Secret to Good Health

    Do you suffer from migraines – or any other type of chronic pain?

    Fred Abeles, a renowned dentist and TMJ expert, reveals his formula to HEAL your way to better health.

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    Improving the Quality of Dietary Supplements: Just Do It!

    Karen Howard, the CEO and executive director of the Organic & Natural Health Association, continues the conversation (and discusses the controversy) surrounding herbal supplements.

    Get the full story here!

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    Fix These 6 Ways You're Unnecessarily Aging Yourself

    No matter how old you are by the number, you can still look and feel young and vibrant. But first, nix these six habits that might be unnecessarily aging your body.

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    Got Back Pain? When It’s Time to See a Doctor

    Check out four signs you should see a doctor for chronic back pain—and why you shouldn't wait.

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    4 Causes of Neck Pain—and How to Prevent Them

    If you're among the 45 percent of American workers who are afflicted with neck pain on a daily basis, see if you've fallen prey to any of these common culprits—then learn how to adjust your habits.

  • The Natural Suite
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    If you’re an early gym-goer like me, you know that the struggle to wake up before the sun is completely, totally real. My alarm chimes at 4 a.m. every morning; the sound is familiar—part of my daily routine—yet I can find so many excuses to stay in bed, snuggled in the sheets and pillows and blankets, for an extra couple of hours.                                      For example: I’m exhausted. My shins hurt. I have an ingrown toenail.                       ...
  • Guest Blogger
    Below, P.D. Kai Swigart, PhD, MFT—better known as Dr. Kai—offers Part IV of a five-part series of guest blogs that will address holistic health and healing. Vibrational Elevation I believe that we must elevate our vibration to the highest material world level before consciously ascending upward into the spiritual world. This means that we need to overcome unresolved core personality issues, their defenses, and their habituated thoughts, words, and actions. It means that we must overcome the bondage of physical and mental illness through non-resistance, non-judgement, and non-attachment. It means that we...
  • Naturally Healthy
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    Did you know that a heathy heart beats more than 100,000 times per day? Our body contains approximately six quarts of blood, which are circulated through the body three times per minute. In only one day, blood travels 12,000 miles! But our heart is often an organ we take for granted—that is, until we experience a coronary event. But once this happens, the damage has been done. Fortunately, modern medicine has made heart repair routine. Valve replacement, pacemakers, and vascular stents are only a few of the procedures allowing doctors to heal the heart. But regardless of all this technology, prevention is the best way to approach...
  • Sam I Am
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    The Actress Tells All About Her Wellness Journey
    When Suzanne Somers hit the entertainment scene in the late 60s and early 70s, the world had not completely addressed the dangers of hidden toxins invading nearly every inch of our environment. Today, our exposure to unnatural chemicals and other hazardous substances is at an all-time high. And although many are aware of these invisible dangers, only a handful of the population is actively trying to do something about it. In light of the release of Suzanne’s new book, TOX-Sick (Crown Publishing, 2015), Natural Solutions caught up with her to talk about how she and her family have been able to overcome sickness, and what they’ve...
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Resveratrol is an important antioxidant for health and longevity. Usually found on grape skins, the wines with some of the highest amounts of resveratrol and polyphenols are the...