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    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Show Your Support!

    If you’re shy about asking, “What’s the etiquette for supporting my loved one, friend, or colleague in their battle against cancer?” you are not alone—many people simply avoid the question altogether and offer nothing.

    Jane Schwartzberg, who has been battling stage 4 metastatic cancer for several years, offers these four suggestions for providing support in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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    Should You Dump Gluten? How Going Gluten Free Can Unlock Weight Loss, Energy, and Longevity

    What do Dunkin’ Donuts, Domino’s Pizza and Subway all have in common?

    Besides being fast-food chains, they’re among many large companies that have rolled out gluten-free food options in the last few years. You’re probably used to seeing the “special diet” section in Whole Foods, or even your local chain grocery store, but when corporate giants start paying attention to specific dietary trends, you can bet they are more than just a passing fad.


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    You Are Good Enough

    “Sherly, I got the part!” my client, Mary (not her real name), exclaimed on the phone, as she excitedly recounted the result of her audition for the pilot of a new show. I could almost see the tears of joy in her eyes.

    These tears were quite different from the tears of frustration she shed only a few weeks earlier while lamenting her “dying career” and how she was a “failure” and hated her life.

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    Make Time for (a Healthy) Dinnertime

    Preparing a healthy meal doesn't have to consume your entire evening--and choosing to cook your own meals will benefit both your waistline and your wallet.

    Read on for our quick dinner tips and some of our favorite recipes.


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    Treat Your Body to Better Sleep

    How we live affects how we sleep. Dr. Isaac Eliaz shares healthy habits that will help you rest easy at night. Read the article.



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      We’ve all heard that food is medicine—but what about food supplements as medicine? Seann Bardell—co-founder of BioImmersion Inc. and creator of the company’s Therapeutic Food Supplements—explains how adding a variety of whole foods and concentrated extracts to our diet helps our bodies feel and function at their best. Historically, macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, fish oil, and fiber have been the center of nutritional advice. Now, we have added a new topic to our ongoing conversation about good health: To enhance our diets, and maximize the efforts of our journey toward good health, we must...
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    This past week media, both mainstream and social has been focusing on the death of Robin Williams. The morbid side of our curiosity seeks out to find all of the details of this tragic event. We scour the web looking for details, but why? Robin Williams was one of the most talented entertainers that our current generations had the opportunity to embrace. The first time I remember seeing him was when he appeared in a guest appearance on Happy Days. From there he went on to his own sitcom, several successful movies and a career that entertained us for over forty years.    Those in the entertainment industry live a very...
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    So, I’ve been on a bit of an ancient medicine binge lately. Most recently, my body has begun to harness the greatness that is apple cider vinegar (ACV). Before I started with Natural Solutions, I had never really considered drinking vinegar for health reasons, but after listening to testimonials and doing my research, I decided, what the heck? I’ll give it a try. At the end of this week, I’ll have been drinking about two to three tablespoons of ACV mixed with eight ounces of water every day for the past four weeks. Since then, I’ve noticed changes in my energy levels, the way my skin looks and feels, digestion, and...
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    Last week marked the end of the Dairy Detox, and you all know what that means: I got to indulge in all my dairy-laden favorites, one by one, and soak in the deliciousness of it all. However, reintroducing these foods into my diet wasn’t quite what I expected. With my dairy-free days “officially” over, you’d think I’d be slightly more excited to return to all things creamy and cheesy, but I actually discovered that many of the habits I practiced during my detox are ones I’d like to continue. Why? Although I’m not convinced I have a dairy allergy or even a sensitivity, I have noticed that the benefits...
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