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    April Feature

    Are You Food Addicted?


    Americans eat 146 pounds of sugar and 152 pounds of flour every year. This super addictive combo has hijacked our taste buds, our brain chemistry, and our metabolism. Mark Hyman, MD, offers a scientifically developed medical detox program for overcoming food addictions and regaining health. Read his article here.


    Editor Adam Swenson and two of our readers participated in Dr. Hyman's 10-day detox diet to see if it really works. Read about their experiences here.




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    April Feature

    Herbal Intelligence


    Ric Scalzo didn't visualize himself seeing a dozen patients a day and dispensing herbal remedies when he left college. He soon found himself in India studying Vedic philosophy--from then on he knew that herbs had the power to heal. Read on to find out how his spiritual journey changed the herbal industry.


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    April Feature

    Got Milk Thistle?


    When it comes to botanicals, there's no such thing as a magic bullet, that one herb that supports all aspects of health. However, there are many that are known for their versatility and wide range of benefits. One of these is milk thistle.

    Find out more about milk thistle's potential role in supporting liver health, cognitive function, healthy blood glucose and cholesterol levels, and more.

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    Cook's Corner

    Healthy Homemade Salad Dressings


    Store-bought salad dressings can be packed with MSG, excess salt, corn syrups, preservatives, thickening agents and artificial flavors. Making your own versions at home is easy and will nearly always be healthier than the store-bought varieties.

    Visit our Food + Recipes page to find our collection of better-for-you homemade dressing recipes.



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    March Feature

    Natural Defenses


    Allergies are increasing, though we don't exactly know why. Here's how to boost your body's ability to fight them off.

  • Naturally Healthy
    dbenson's picture
    I would like to take a moment to welcome you to a new blog section we are creating. Each day our editorial team reviews hundreds of topics, resources, books, and products to include in our print publications. Unfortunately we do not have space to report on all of this information. We have decided to create editorial blogs to share more of this information. Based on responses and your requests for information we can better format our editorial content. We hope that you find these blog posts timely and informative. My first blog will discuss recent guidelines published in the March 19, 2014 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine...
  • Sam I Am
    sfischer's picture
    In light of Earth Day approaching, I’m calling all fashionistas to reduce your carbon footprint by checking out some eco-friendly clothing brands and designers. But buyer beware: Some companies that claim to offer “organic” or “sustainable” clothing might be frauds—throwing around the term “green” just to hop on the trendy eco bandwagon. Legitimate, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable clothing goes beyond organically-grown materials, too. International labor laws, fair and ethical working practices, and the product's impact on our planet are also things to keep in...
  • Guest Blogger
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    The Modern Steam Shower: What You Get When You Combine a Waterfall with a Sauna Have you ever wondered how the modern shower came into being? If you’re still scratching your head, look back to the last time you saw a waterfall. That roaring mass of water, plunging from a height, was the earliest shower in human civilisation. Many people would spend hours gazing at the majestic waterfall. No one does that for the humble shower – unfortunately. Several people would associate the Roman Empire with conquests, chariot races and fierce emperors. However, not many would credit it for contributing to the popularity of saunas or steam...
  • The Natural Suite
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    When I was a kid, I absolutely loved spaghetti. I ate it the messy way, of course: twirling the pasta around my fork until a giant noodle ball formed, then shoving said noodle ball into my mouth and leaving crusty remnants of red sauce in the corners of my lips. Kids love messy foods—or, they somehow manage to make non-messy foods into messy foods—and I was no exception. I just could not get enough spaghetti. One day, someone tried to feed me lasagna. (I don’t recall exactly which family member attempted this feeding. Probably my grandmother.) To be brief, this did not go over very well with my childhood self. Although...
  • Beauty
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    Day Nine – 2.4.14 - Adam Swenson, editor I feel my body has arrived at a point of equilibrium as far as the detox goes. I don’t have any more weird detox symptoms, my body just generally goes about its business without a lot of drama or fanfare, which is how I prefer it. All systems are go (pun intended) and I feel good. Weight loss seems to have stabilized for me, which is fine. As I had said earlier, I am at a healthy weight and don’t feel the need to drop any more—apparently my body is in agreement. Reflecting back on it (I know I still have one more day), my experience was less dramatic than some people had...
  • Food & Nutrition
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    Adam Swenson, editor So, first the tangible numbers: I lost four pounds and three inches off my waist. Left to my own devices I had been unsuccessful in losing those extra few pounds for a few years now, so accomplishing it in 10 days is impressive. And, to put the four pounds number in context, I was pretty lean already (BMI at 24.6 when we started and 24.1 now, and I have a larger frame) so I was fine with that amount of weight loss.  My body has “normalized” with no more caffeine withdrawals or food cravings really. Still having some odd depression-type symptoms, but those could certainly be accounted for by the fact that...

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