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    Should You Dump Gluten? How Going Gluten Free Can Unlock Weight Loss, Energy, and Longevity

    What do Dunkin’ Donuts, Domino’s Pizza and Subway all have in common?

    Besides being fast-food chains, they’re among many large companies that have rolled out gluten-free food options in the last few years. You’re probably used to seeing the “special diet” section in Whole Foods, or even your local chain grocery store, but when corporate giants start paying attention to specific dietary trends, you can bet they are more than just a passing fad.


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    July/August Feature

    Summer on the Road


    A road trip may conjure up images of wind in your hair and a wide-open road, but the reality isn't always so simple.

    Read our guide to having entertaining and relaxing road trips--complete with ideas for games, stretches, and recipes.


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    You Are Good Enough

    ~~“Sherly, I got the part!” my client, Mary (not her real name), exclaimed on the phone, as she excitedly recounted the result of her audition for the pilot of a new show. I could almost see the tears of joy in her eyes.

    These tears were quite different from the tears of frustration she shed only a few weeks earlier while lamenting her “dying career” and how she was a “failure” and hated her life.

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    July/August Feature

    Perfect Planks


    Plank grilling has been an American cooking staple for hundreds of years. Check out our tips and recipes that are sure to be a hit at your next barbeque.



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    July/August Feature

    Have it All When Growing Small


    Itty bitty backyard? No problem! Discover how even a small garden can offer big rewards.

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    Detox Tip #1: Start Green Have you noticed that green vegetables and fruits are the only recommendation that makes it into every diet book? Spinach, kale, arugula, and chard are rich in indole-3-carbinole, which is a natural detoxifier that controls how you regulate estrogen. Both men and women are at risk of estrogen pollution (fake estrogens from the environment – more on that in a future class!), and these hard-working greens help to tip the balance in favor of taking out the bad estrogens before they cause symptoms of estrogen dominance – including breast tenderness, cancer, moodiness, and weight gain. Other yummy greenies...
  • Naturally Healthy
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    This past week media, both mainstream and social has been focusing on the death of Robin Williams. The morbid side of our curiosity seeks out to find all of the details of this tragic event. We scour the web looking for details, but why? Robin Williams was one of the most talented entertainers that our current generations had the opportunity to embrace. The first time I remember seeing him was when he appeared in a guest appearance on Happy Days. From there he went on to his own sitcom, several successful movies and a career that entertained us for over forty years.    Those in the entertainment industry live a very...
  • Sam I Am
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    Although I went a little piercing and tattoo-happy in my college days, I’ve never been a huge fan of needles. I cannot watch needles puncturing my skin because I WILL get ill and I WILL pass out. Why would I consider acupuncture then, you ask? First of all, I’m all about alternative forms of medicine. I don’t particularly enjoy having to ingest prescribed medications full of manmade chemicals. Lately I’ve been a lot more aware of what I choose to put inside my body, and at the ripe old age of 24, my body needs a little more TLC than in previous years. I want to go on record as saying my acupuncture experience was my...
  • The Natural Suite
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    Last week, I decided to undertake an incline interval workout routine during which I voluntarily jogged, sprinted, and butt-kicked my way up and down the virtual hills of a treadmill every morning, Monday through Friday. Which brings me to my apology: I’m sorry that this post is a bit belated; I was too busy nursing my legs back to the amount of strength it takes to hobble to my computer. Wondering why I decided to run incline intervals five days in a row? For starters, I get easily motivated sitting at a desk all day. I’m bombarded with fitness stuff all day, from my twitter feed to press releases, and I get this mid-morning...
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